Armstrong is founded on independence, integrity and clear commercial advice

Armstrong delivers investors and management teams with refreshingly conclusive Commercial Due Diligence based on deep understanding of a business and its marketplace.

We support investors with an impartial and rigorous approach, working closely with deal teams as an extension of the investment decision making process. Engagement with management teams, robust customer referencing and a uniquely analytical and thorough view of the market are key elements of our approach.  We understand that our business lives or dies by our credibility.

Armstrong offers deep expertise and capability across its focus sectors, from senior leadership to dedicated core team members and a wealth of career commercial experience from the specialist team.

We aim to be the Commercial Due Diligence provider of choice for mid-market private equity transactions in the UK.


Armstrong do

Clearly and unequivocally state our insights and conclusions

Quantify the impact of these insights on the business plan and valuation

Provide advice that will be useful beyond the timeframe of the transaction

Identify the available exit options and make operational recommendations to maximise returns


Let you work with a senior director, always

Armstrong don't

Draw unclear conclusions and shroud them in caveats or pages of disclaimers

Provide partial vendor due diligence.  Commercial challenge and impartiality is retained whomever the client

Push-sell clients follow on consulting services

Worry about conflicting agendas with our corporate finance, accounting or strategy divisions – we don’t have any


We really value Armstrong’s primary fieldwork.  Their ability to identify the key opinion formers and operators and deliver in depth interviews with them, in a short time, is powerful.  It helps us focus on the core issues from an early stage and debate them fully.

Julian Masters, Managing Partner, Bowmark

They have a healthy level of realism, different to their competitors in having a high level of integrity.

Lewis Bantin, Partner, ECI

It’s their independence, their willingness to tell it as it is, not constrained by the organisation, and above all to form an opinion, they are good at what they do...they are really good.

James Blake, Partner, Growth Capital Partners

Clients: Private Equity & Debt Providers