Legal Services: LDC’s investment in The Barrister Group

Armstrong is pleased to have provided Commercial Due Diligence (CDD) in support of LDC’s minority investment in The Barrister Group (TBG), a tech-enabled legal services business with established and recognised brands Clerksroom Chambers and Clerksroom Direct. 

Founded in 2001 by Harry Hodgkin and Stephen Ward, TBG has become one of the largest chambers across England and Wales and offers barristers a virtual alternative to the traditional chambers model – its innovative software allows barristers to work remotely and therefore gives greater flexibility. TBG’s direct public access platform simplifies the process in which members of the public can access a barrister; the public access market is expected to grow and TBG’s portal is well placed to benefit from this. 

Armstrong provided full CDD including in-depth interviews with TBG’s barristers and solicitors, alongside market experts including clerks and competitors. Our commercial strategy work looked at trends in TBG’s different markets and assessed possible strategies for growth, as well as providing a detailed assessment of the competitive and technological landscapes. 

Oliver Schofield, Investment Director at LDC said: “The team at TBG is bringing disruptive tech-enabled solutions to the legal market in a move that offers greater flexibility and alternative ways of working for the Bar, whilst importantly improving access to justice for the public. TBG has the potential to revolutionise the future of the Bar by offering a real alternative to the traditional chambers model and we’re excited to support the team as they continue to pursue their growth plans.”  

Jack Hibbs, Engagement Manager at Armstrong, added, “We really enjoyed working with TBG and LDC teams, and are delighted to have helped the transaction. TBG is an excellent business and feedback validated its clearly differentiated position in the market.” 

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