Tech: Low code – a hyped technology which is already delivering for the mid-market

Unlike so many high-profile technologies which have taken longer than anticipated to impact the mid-market (AI/ML anyone?), Armstrong is seeing first-hand the transformative potential of Lo-code / No-code platforms.

Lo-code / No-code platforms provide a visual software development environment where semi-skilled coders can rapidly design, develop and deploy custom business applications, which are cloud-native and integrated with other cloud-based software.

The majority of organisations don’t have the appetite, budget or time for a fully bespoke platform. The attraction of an off-the-shelf product is clear, however, the reality of implementing a tool that has not been designed for your business can be painful. Low code platforms can be thought of as filling the gap between what off-the-shelf software offers and what an organisation actually needs.

Adoption of low code has been rapid: Gartner predicts that by 2024, more than 65% of application development activity will take place on low-code platforms. Armstrong is already seeing use of low code environments in the mid-market to accelerate digital transformation and build competitive advantage.

Recent real-world examples include:

A niche BPO provider using Appian to orchestrate and automate workflows, delivering better/faster/cheaper services to entrench its first-mover advantage.

Multiple ISV channel partners using Microsoft Power Platform to re-position themselves as trusted digital transformation partners in a cloud-first world; increasing differentiation, client stickiness and share of wallet.

Armstrong ourselves use and Integromat to redesign and digitise core business processes, improve knowledge management, and integrate our business-critical cloud platforms.

As with any technology trend the hype can sometimes obscure the potential. To cut through the noise and understand how low code can help you generate value in the mid-market, please contact me on [email protected] or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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